This is why we’re here:

Our family recently lost our shining star, my baby sister at 30 yrs of age, none of us were prepared for the costs & complexities of a funeral or burial. I was going to place an ad in our local paper to memorialize her & it would’ve cost us 645.00 for several days. It seems even in death everyone has their hands out to make a buck off of other’s misery.

So this page was born, I will post your loved one’s obituary complete with picture & on each post there is a section where others can leave comments & there are share buttons that you can use to share them. I am not going to take down anyone’s post. That being said we have a limited amount of space so we ask that you only include one picture.

We gladly accept donations BUT you are not obligated by any means since the WHOLE point of this page was because we didn’t have almost 700.00 to memorialize our little sister. The last thing you need is to be nickel & dimed at this point of your life.

Even if your loved one passed some time ago & you couldn’t afford the fancy obituary ~ You can now.

We also have 3 special pages for Children who were miscarried, stillborn or died very young, as well as a Veteran’s Memorial Page. We’ve even created a space for your beloved pets.

Here is how it works:

Send me your pre~written memorial & I will post it in the correct category, & state, even if it is 10 pages long don’t worry. Like I said send 1 picture so we can keep our storage costs down, I am hoping to keep this free for everyone. Send it to saving_them_all@yahoo.com & we will get it posted as soon as time permits.



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